Industrial Systems

Main conrainer

Rachtr 1025 IN

Low viscosity, fast drying product to fill micro pores, fissures and pinholes in coloured marble such Botticino, Dyna, DeMartino, Sicilia etc.

Rachtr 1050 IN

Transparent, low viscosity product to fill micro cracks, fissures and pinholes in light coloured marble such as Volakas, Onyx, Statuario, Michael Angelo etc.

Rachtr 1033 IN

Fast drying, non-yellowing filling for white coloured stones such as Thassos, Carrara, Vietnam White, Australian White etc.

Rachtr BA50 IN

Block reinforcement adhesive with excellent boding, strength and sag resistance

Rachtr SG33 IN

Low viscosity epoxy system to enhance colour intensity of granite & other less porous stones

Rachtr NE20 IN

Epoxy based, fast curing adhesive to fix fibre netting reinforcement to marble slabs

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